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John Townsend


2222 South Airport Road

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Welcome to Townsend Aviation

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We have finished for the year it looks like.  We are cleaning up the remainder of the equipment to get it all winterized.  Thank you to everyone for your business this year and we look forward to serving you again starting in the spring doing herbicides and fertilizing.

Warmer weather this week in the 70s and boy would all this rain have been nice earlier in the year or maybe spread throughout a little better.  Careful this weekend though because the temperatures are going to be dipping back down.  Low temps along with another chance of rain could make for a crumby weekend so enjoy the beautiful weather during the latter part of this week.

Our company made the cover of AgAir Update for July so make sure to check it out!  Click on the picture to head on over to AgAir Updates website to see more!

We had a great turnout for our event this year (May 26th and 27th 2012).  We would like to thank everyone that participated and came out to meet us!  The First Hounds were a great addition to our lineup and we really appreciate all their hard work and comittment.  They unfortunately had a emergency come up at home so had to leave early on that Sunday so we wish them the best and hope everything is back to normal for them soon.

Fungicides were really put to the test this last year and all that we have talked to had good things to say.  Fields that did not initially have disease in them contracted it later in the summer and the fields with fungicides proved to be able to fight off that disease much better than the fields without fungicide.  Many farmers are saying they will be spraying all of their fields no matter what now to keep their yeild count as high as possible.  2012 is looking to be a good year let just hope the weather will cooperate with us a little better this time around!

Welcome everyone! Townsend Aviation is the area's leader in Agricultural Flight Operations and Aircraft Management. We provide the following agricultural services:
Owners Clara & John Townsend

As locally-owned, small business, Townsend Aviation, Inc. gives the individual landowner personal attention:

  • Each landowner 's property is mapped carefully, using the latest technology.
  • Each landowner's property is sprayed using GPS guidance onboard the aircraft.
  • Each landowner's job is sprayed with modern, well-equipped agricultural aircraft.
  • Each landowner's job is supported with well-maintained ground equipment.
When you hire our services, we adhere to the following four goals at all times:  
  1. To promote a professional approach and attitude to our customers.
  2. To develop professional standards in the local industry.
  3. To protect the environment.
  4. To make certain our customers will be 100% satisified with our services at harvest time.
New Technology .. Accuracy and Peace of Mind
Townsend Aviation, Inc. deploys Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology. The "Satloc M3" and Satloc Bantam allows us to accurately locate your field and spray over a highly precise pattern.

By uploading your "shape" map to this GPS, we can also provide verification of our work. You can request a map like the one shown to the right below. The lines in yellow show exactly where our aerial application planes flew.

Not only does our new "Satloc" technology provide us with accurate information ... it also gives you the peace of mind that your fields received the proper application. We want to make your 2012 harvest the best and most profitable ever. GPS technology is just another way Townsend Aviation, Inc. is working for you!


The Satloc-M3 in one of our planes. (Click to zoom.) The resulting map of the Satloc-M3. Yellow lines show actual flight pattern. (Click to zoom.)

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