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  • 23:00 - 23.01.2008


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John Townsend


2222 South Airport Road

Monticello, IN 47960


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John Townsend - Owner

John Townsend, Owner and Operator of Townsend Aviation, Inc., has been flying since 1964. He has logged 14,500 hours of total flight time with 7000 hours in commercial helicopters and 7,500 hours in fixed wing aircrafts. ATP Airplane; LearType Rated; Airframe and Power Plant Ratings with inspection authorization; Pratt & Whitney Hot Section Certificated Schooling. John has been in the White County area for twenty-one years, relocating from Benton County. Mr. Townsend has been in Agriculture Operations since 1970 and has operated his ag business from the White County Airport since 1988. John is married and has two children and three grandchildren.
Clara Townsend

Co-owner, ex-swamper, secretary and much, much more!

Valerie Murphy

John's Daughter and former employee.  Valerie now has her own business in Earl Park called Visual Advantage which offers  custom embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer, & awards.  You can visit their face book page here ---- 
Max and Caleb

These two guys keep the pilots in line and make sure everything is running smooth for their grandfather John Townsend and their mother Valerie Murphy. They stop by every now and then to make sure we are working hard.
Brian Townsend

This ex-apache pilot from the U.S. Army is a rotor blade pilot extroadinaire.  He has taken the reigns of our Bell helicopter and began spraying in 2010.
Zackrey Townsend

Son of Brian, this little firecracker keeps us laughing around the airport and in the office.  He keeps us on our feet and it would be impossible to make it through the season without him.
Scott Wampler

Scott is in charge of the helicopter semi for Townsend Aviation, Inc.  He also helps out around the airport and assists John in performing some aircraft maintenance. Scott lives only a couple blocks away from the airport.
Ellis Warren

Ellis hails from Mississippi. He has commercial SEL with 13,000 hours of flight time. Ellis has worked within the Agricultural Operations business most of his career.
Jim Hurt

Jim is a local pilot that has worked around this area for 35 years. He has about 10,500 hours in ag aircraft and previously owned his own crop dusting company before coming to work here. His old company operated out of Logansport and Winimac airport.
Derek Shannon

Assistant Airport Manager and mapping technician/Dispatch. Derek grew up in the area and graduated from Purdue with a major in Aviation Technology and a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.
Denita Shelton

Denita moved from California back to Indiana where she originally grew up and became a part of our organization in 2008.  She is in charge of a lot of the data entry as well as answering the phones.  Theres a good chance if you gave us a call you have talked to Denita.
Willie Williams

Willie is from Alabama and works for another company in the southern US. His boss is nice enough to allow us to have willie come help us along with a plane that we can lease for a time during the summer, usually about a month.
Jerry Webb

Jerry is also from Mississippi and has offered to come help us in the summer when we get into the rush of the year. He owns his aircraft, an Airtractor 602.
John Ely

Mr. Ely owned his own operation in Oklahoma. He brings a ton of experience with him to our organization and is rated in helicopters and airplanes both. John has 19,600 total time, 13,500 is ag time and of that ag time 2173 is in ag operations with a helicopter the rest is fixed wing ag time. He is also an avid hunter.