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Townsend Aviation Inc.

In the spring we start with some fertilizing especially when it is to wet for the ground rigs to get into the fields.  Our aircraft can perform timely and accurate fertlizer application in a pinch.  We do some fertilizing regularly each season so we have both our 400 Thrush and the Air Tractor 602 fitted with a spreader during the first of the year.

After the busy rush of the fungicide season we start aerial seeding.  Late August into early september is the key time when the crop is usually matured enough to allow 60% sunlight to hit the ground.  We mainly put on annual rye grass, cereal rye, oats, and radish.  We have dealt with other seed as well but these are the main ones used.

We just bought a new auger truck in 2010 that is perfect for loading the aircraft.  We got our truck from Auger Dan's Trucks down in Arkansas.  The truck features a folding front discharge auger, scales, and a control box in the cab of the truck to operate all of the hydraulics.  (See pictures below)

We were recently featured in AgAirUpdate.com's website and magazine along with a local farmer that does quite a bit of annual rye grass every year.  Here is the link to the article:

We are the leading aerial operator in the area and would be more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. (574-583-9900 ask for John or Derek)