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    "Fly in the Corn Belt with us next summer."

    "If you're looking for summer work - we could use you and your aircraft."

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  • 23:00 - 23.01.2008


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Meagan Sturgeon
from Indianapolis, IN
Signed on: Tue 14 Aug 2012 09:40:32 AM EDT
It was very nice to meet you all at the board meeting! That was the first airport I've ever been on in my entire life! :)
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Royce Suggs
from Welch Texas
Signed on: Sun 03 Apr 2011 02:56:08 PM EDT
Just checking in, hope all is well, had a great time,take care,until next time, Royce and Lisa. :)
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Royce S.
from Welch Texas
Signed on: Fri 23 Jul 2010 08:00:35 PM EDT
:grin Hey John had a great time You have a great operation, hope to see you next year.
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Steve Micich
from Indianapolis
Signed on: Wed 24 Mar 2010 09:13:23 AM EDT
Hope this post finds you well,just thought I would drop u a line. I have done some NDT work you in the past. I now work for AAR and I am still available for NDT services. my email is  
cell # is 317-410-0483  
Best of Luck to you.
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from Pandejo Al
Signed on: Sun 13 Dec 2009 07:26:06 PM EST
That firefighting plane is flown by a hottie named Willie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Brad P.
from Tacoma, Washington
Signed on: Tue 01 Dec 2009 01:49:59 AM EST
Thanks John, Clara & Derek for making my two trips to MCX so easy and enjoyable...and selling me your nice Cessna 172. Our flight home (18.3 hrs) was a great trip even with 25 knts headwinds. Thanks again.
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Judy G
from Monticello IN
Signed on: Tue 27 Oct 2009 09:19:21 PM EDT
:grin I would love to see pic of that your FIRE plane you had this year.
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