New Technology .. Accuracy and Peace of Mind
Townsend Aviation, Inc. deploys Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology. The "Satloc M3" and Satloc Bantam allows us to accurately locate your field and spray over a highly precise pattern.

By uploading your "shape" map to this GPS, we can also provide verification of our work. You can request a map like the one shown to the right below. The lines in yellow show exactly where our aerial application planes flew.

Not only does our new "Satloc" technology provide us with accurate information ... it also gives you the peace of mind that your fields received the proper application. We want to make your 2012 harvest the best and most profitable ever. GPS technology is just another way Townsend Aviation, Inc. is working for you!


The Satloc-M3 in one of our planes. (Click to zoom.) The resulting map of the Satloc-M3. Yellow lines show actual flight pattern. (Click to zoom.)